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       Years ago before the white man came, Ocean Springs was called "E-ca-ma-cha-ha," which means the "Holy Ground." From all the surrounding areas, the Indians came to drink of the water of the Great Spirit. They knew of its Curative Powers. It was not until the 1800s that the white man rediscovered these healing waters.


       Ocean Springs has had several names since its beginning. I was known as Fort Maurepas by Iberville, Biloxi, for the Indian Tribe in the area, Old Biloxi when Biloxi moved across the Bay, Lynchburg for a prominent merchant in the town, and lastly Ocean Springs for the famous springs in the area. The last known flowing spring is located on our property.


       The first house known to occupy this land was the Old Franco home, built in 1852. Later, it was widely used as a health resort by persons sent by physicians in the surrounding area. They came to drink of the healthful waters.


       One of the prime reasons for the boom on the Gulf Coast was the Paddle-wheel Steamboats that rolled down the bayou. Torches were set out on the bluff to guide the incoming steamers crowded with guests coming to visit the antebellum health resort.


       Since those days its primary function has been as a Restaurant and Lounge. This establishment has been featured in "Southern Living" magazine and on Good Morning America television.

This is an old photo of the antebellum home around 1910. It was then called the Bayou Inn.

The exterior view of the restaurant at the time of establishment in 1981.


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